These best practices will help you with how to find the best fence contractor in the Seattle area.

  • Ask around. Word-of-mouth is a great way to find good Seattle fence companies. If you know someone with a beautiful fence, ask them which Seattle fence company they used.
  • Do a Google search and read fence company reviews. A quick Google search can help you find the best fence contractor in your area. However, customizing your search will narrow your options down even further. For example, you can search Google for “best fence contractor near me.” Another option is to search by city.
  • Check social media reviews. Once you have identified a potential fence contractor, head over to their social media pages and read their reviews. Note that not all fence contractors will have social media profiles.
  • When you talk to a fence company, ask them about bonding, licensing, and insurance. Licensing and bonding aren’t necessarily required for building a fence, and many contractors work without these safety nets. Make sure the fencing company you choose has these elements in place.
  • Find a fence company that works with the type of fence you want to build. If you want a cedar fence, go with a company specializing in this type of fence to ensure you get the best results.
  • Get pricing estimates. Pricing estimates can vary widely. While the material cost is standard, the labor cost will vary by company.
  • Evaluate more than one company. It’s a good idea to speak with more than one company so that you can get the best value for your money. When evaluating a fence company in Seattle, consider their experience, cost, and reviews.