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Expert Fence Installation and Repair in Shoreline, WA – Quality You Can Count On

Sky Fence Company offers a unique experience for those looking to add value and safety to their residential landscape.

With over 20 years of experience our passionate team provides precision, craftsmanship and personalized customer service with every installation.

Located in the Pacific NW we take pride in helping homeowners customize their property through high quality fencing that adds security as well as creative beauty. Let us help you beautify your Shoreline home today!

Residential Fences

We are here to help you choose and design a residential fence that will suit your needs, complement your home, and remain durable in our northwest environment. We offer an array of possibilities to achieve your goals.

Additionally, if you currently have a fence that you are unhappy with we can repair it or replace it even if we did not install it originally.

Fence built from wood.

Cedar Fences

Experience the timeless charm and resilience of cedar with our cedar fences, perfect for giving your property a warm, natural appeal.

Black Aluminum Fence

Iron & Aluminum Fences

Our iron and aluminum fences are the epitome of sturdiness blended with elegance, providing a robust boundary that adds a touch of sophistication to your exterior.

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Chain Link Fences

For a practical and durable fencing solution, our chain link fences offer robust security and easy maintenance without sacrificing style.

The best Cedar Fence Installation and Repair Services in Shoreline, WA

Sky Fence Company is the expert in crafting cedar fences with “post-on-pipe” construction. For a more sustainable, unique choice that you’ll love for years to come, consider investing in one of our natural cedar structures – we make them best!

Why Cedar is the Ideal Material for Your Fence and Gate

The Unique Beauty of Cedar on Display

Homeowners love cedar for its timeless beauty and rustic aesthetic. Western Red Cedar provides an elegant, high-quality look to any fence with a grain pattern that is truly one of a kind – straight enough to leave onlookers stunned!

Fence Privacy: Keep Your Property Secure

Make your outdoor area look and feel exactly how you want it with a personalized cedar fence. Whether you’d like to create complete privacy or an inviting atmosphere, our panels come in various designs such as full panel, modified panel, horizontal slabs and vertical picketed styles – so the aesthetic of your space is entirely up to you! We’re happy to offer advice on what might be best for helping customize the perfect fence; all we need is some information from you about what kind of design meets both form & function.

Requires Little to No Maintenance

Ensure your fence stands the test of time with our post-on-pipe option. This secure solution will withstand even NW’s most challenging weather conditions, and can be customized to guard against any yard risks like debris or sprinklers that might threaten its longevity.

Cedar Fences are Built to Last

Cedar is known for its durability. Wester Red Cedar naturally consists of oils and preservatives that increase its resistance to rotting, to bugs, and, allows it to withstand inclement weather conditions. Cedar maintains its structural integrity for a long time – longer than pressure-treated wood. Cedar is naturally resistant to termites and, in fact, people use cedar wood chips to deter moths and other pests in their planting beds!

Cedar Fences Stand up to the Elements

Cedar, like any wood, deteriorates over time. However, the natural oils we mentioned have another benefit: they help cedar deteriorate more slowly. You can go years without having to replace your fence due to structural issues, which would be the case with cheaper material. What’s more, many homeowners prize the silvery appearance cedar takes on as it weathers and blends into your landscape.

The Design-Savvy Choice for Your Outdoor Space

Bring your visions to life with Sky Fence Company’s creativity, innovation and design capabilities! From basic fences to custom pickets, gates, trellises or arbors – we can build it for you. Our experienced team is here to help turn any of your ideas into a unique reality that will add flavor and beauty to your garden. Contact us today and let’s make those dreams come alive in Cedar woodworking!

Cedar is our Specialty

Need a fence, gate or garden embellishment installed in Shoreline? Look no further than Sky Fence Company! Our expert team of installers provide advice and free estimates – call us today to get started on transforming your property.

Quality Chain link Fence Installation and Repair in Shoreline, WA

Chain link fencing gives you the best of both worlds– security, visibility and affordability. Installing it is a breeze so there’s no need for a large time commitment or budget.

Plant shrubbery by your fence if more privacy is desired, but still keep enough room to talk with neighbors or take in breathtaking views from outside your home – all while keeping pets safely secured within its walls!

Black chain link fence

The Durability and Affordability of Chain Link Fences and Gates

If you’re looking for a reliable, economical fence option that offers excellent durability, chain link fences and gates are an ideal choice. Chain link is made from galvanized steel or aluminum wires woven together in a diamond-shaped pattern to form a strong, tight mesh. With no splinters or sharp edges to snag clothing or scratch skin, these fences are a safe, low-maintenance option. They offer excellent wind resistance and can be designed to meet local area regulations, while still providing an attractive appearance. Chain link fences and gates require little maintenance; simply power wash occasionally or apply a sealant to protect against rusting. Best of all, they come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles to match any landscape.

Looking for reliable fence installation in Shoreline? Call Sky Fence Company today!

Iron and Aluminum Fence Installation in Shoreline, WA

Having a secure fence on your property is one of the most valuable assets you can have. Wrought iron fencing gives an elegant, timeless aesthetic to any home and provides strong security for years without being too intrusive or overbearing – plus it perfectly accents other landscaping features!

You get all those benefits with superior durability: wrought-iron fences last much longer than wooden ones making them well worth their cost in value.

The Many Benefits of Iron Fencing for Your Property

Adding a fence to your property can increase the overall value of your home and add curb appeal. Iron fencing is one of the most popular fencing options, offering a classic look that adds an elegant touch to any home. Whether you are looking for an ornamental iron fence or a more traditional wrought iron fence, there are many benefits to choosing this type of fencing for your property.

Iron fences provide security and privacy for your home. They are difficult to break through or climb over, making them great for keeping out unwanted visitors and providing peace of mind that your family is safe. Iron fences also offer protection from pests such as mice, rats, and raccoons who might otherwise enter your yard.

Iron fences are also incredibly durable and can last a lifetime. They are not prone to rusting, chipping, rotting or warping like other fence materials, making them the perfect long-term solution for your fencing needs. Iron fences require very little maintenance and upkeep in order to maintain their beautiful appearance.

Looking for reliable fence installation in Shoreline? Call Sky Fence Company today!

Additional Service Areas

We are dedicated to serving a wide range of communities within the Seattle Area, offering our exceptional fence services to homeowners across various neighborhoods and towns. By exploring our service areas, you can discover the communities we proudly serve, ensuring that you have access to our expertise and quality craftsmanship wherever you may reside.

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Choosing the Right Fence Contractors for Your Home in Shoreline: What to Look For

When it comes to finding fence contractors in Shoreline, you’ll want to make sure they have the experience and qualifications necessary for success. Research their portfolio of completed projects or ask directly about their past successes. Additionally, check that your chosen provider has both licensing and insurance records up-to-date so all work is done legally according to local construction regulations.

Expert Tips for Finding Reliable and Professional Fence Companies

One of the most important aspects of choosing fence companies is to research their reputation and track record. While it may be tempting to choose a fence company based solely on price, it’s important to also look for signs that demonstrate quality workmanship and trustworthiness. Take the time to read online reviews and check out ratings from independent review sites like Yelp or Google Reviews. They can provide invaluable insight into customer service, products, and fence installation services.

Additionally, ask your friends, neighbors, and colleagues if they have any recommendations. Word-of-mouth referrals are incredibly powerful when you’re trying to decide who will install your fence!

Choose a fence company that specializes in fence installation—not just fence sales. While fence sales companies may be able to provide good estimates, they lack the experience and skill needed to install a fence properly.

Make sure that the fence company you hire has plenty of experience with fence installation, is knowledgeable about local regulations, and can answer your questions confidently.

Finally, make sure to ask for an estimate in writing before signing any contract. This will ensure that you get an accurate idea of the fence installation cost ahead of time. Don’t hesitate to ask for references or proof of insurance if those are important factors in your decision-making process.

If you’re looking for premier service and satisfaction that’s second to none, look no further than Sky Fence Company. With years of experience in the industry, we offer quality solutions tailored to meet your needs – always keeping customer care as our top priority.

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