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Residential Fence and Gate Installation and Repair in Mountlake Terrace, WA

Sky Fence Company excels in dedicated, personalized customer service and high quality, customized fencing.

We are a family run business located in the beautiful Pacific NW. Born from over 20 years experience, the team at Sky Fence Company brings passion, expertise, precision, and craftsmanship to the beautification and security of your residential landscape. We take great pride in our work and reputation as a reliable fence company in Mountlake Terrace.

Residential fencing serves many different purposes from safety and functionality to adding creative beauty to your home or garden, which enhances your property value.


Wood Fencing and Gate Installation and Repair in Mountlake Terrace, WA

Sky Fence Company specializes in “post-on-pipe” Cedar Fences. Cedar has natural benefits that are worth considering before deciding on a cheaper wood option. Cedar is our thing!


Advantages of Cedar Fences and Gates

Displays Unique Natural Beauty

One of the main reasons homeowners choose cedar is because of this wood’s natural beauty. The Western Red Cedar features a uniform grain that is rare in the wood world. This straight-grained lumber provides a high-end material for your fence. It looks stunning!


You decide the design of your cedar fence. Do you want total privacy? A full panel or modified panel design may be your best fit. Or do you prefer a more open picketed look? Horizontal slabs? Vertical? Do you want to keep people from looking in, but perhaps have a top slab to allow friendly squirrels to scamper across? The choices are yours and we can help you make them if you are unsure!

Requires No Maintenance

By choosing our post-on-pipe option your cedar fence is guaranteed to last. The pipe securely stabilizes the posts even in our inclement northwest conditions. We can even scout your yard for potential damaging elements such as sprinkler locations and piles of debris, to help ensure your fence’s longevity.


Cedar is known for its durability. Wester Red Cedar naturally consists of oils and preservatives that increase its resistance to rotting, to bugs, and, allows it to withstand inclement weather conditions. Cedar maintains its structural integrity for a long time – longer than pressure-treated wood. Cedar is naturally resistant to termites and, in fact, people use cedar wood chips to deter moths and other pests in their planting beds!

Cedar Weathers Well

Cedar, like any wood, deteriorates over time. However, the natural oils we mentioned have another benefit: they help cedar deteriorate more slowly. You can go years without having to replace your fence due to structural issues, which would be the case with cheaper material. What’s more, many homeowners prize the silvery appearance cedar takes on as it weathers and blends into your landscape.

Creativity, Innovation, Design, and Garden Embellishments

Cedar is your best option for creativity, innovation, and design as your imagination can be fulfilled though artistic wood working. Whether you create the design yourself or have questions about how to create your desired fence design, Sky Fence Company can make it come true. We will advise you of the best options for your needs and support your decisions. From basic, to picket, hog wire, horizontal, split rail, lattice top, and anything you can imagine, including gates, trellises, and arbors that can add flavor to your garden, Sky Fence Company is here for you.

We specialize in detail and design.  If you have some ideas floating around but are not sure how to make them come to life, call us today and we’ll help make them a reality!

This is our SPECIALTY

If you are considering using cedar fence, gate, or garden embellishment installation in Mountlake Terrace, call us for guidance and a free estimate today! Sky Fence Company.

Black chain link fence Seattle WA

Chain link Fencing and Gate Installation and Repair in Mountlake Terrace, WA

Chain link fencing is the most durable and affordable choice, and, it is easy to install. Chain link is an excellent option if you want both security and visibility. You can integrate shrubbery alongside your fence for areas of desired privacy, while still being able to keep areas open to chat with your neighbors or see the view.

Chain link fencing is great for kids and pets who might otherwise chew the wood (pets, not kids!).


Advantages of Chain Link Fences and Gates


Easy to lock providing security for your home


Holds up to the elements


Budget friendly and easy to install with may attractive options available

Open visibility

Chat with your neighbors and enjoy the view. Add a little shrubbery for additional privacy

Great for kids and pets

Durable option to keep your loved ones safe

Additional Chain Link Fence Options:

  • Galvanized, black or green finishes
  • All gauges of wire and weight of pipe
  • A variety of gates including single to vehicle widths
  • Privacy slats in an array of colors in heights for 3’6” through 8-ft fences

Looking for reliable chain link fence installation in Lynnwood? Call Sky Fence Company for guidance and a free estimate today!


Iron Fencing and Gate Installation and Repair in Mountlake Terrace, WA

Wrought Iron fencing is the choice for classic, elegant security for your property. Reminding passersby of the grace and elegance of eras gone by, iron fencing is the best choice to add a sense of regality to your home.


Advantages of Wrought Iron Fences and Gates

Strong and Secure

Security is the number one reason people seek out fencing options. A sturdy, wrought iron fence deters intruders.

Classic Appearance

The ornamental aesthetic of a wrought iron fence exudes a classic, elegant, even fairytale essence, keeping your property secure with class.

Durable and Long Lasting

Our quality, wrought iron fence should last for decades, possibly longer than you!

Unobtrusive and Open

The openness of a wrought iron fence is much less obtrusive than a solid wood fence, with more class than a chain link fence. You can display and accentuate a beautifully kept garden, and it even…….

Complements and integrates with your landscaping

Many people place shrubbery or integrate vines to complement and integrate their landscaping with the openness of wrought iron fencing. Others choose taller shrubbery to add a layer of privacy and protection while maintaining the nobility of the iron posts.

Wrought iron fencing is ideal for security, privacy, durability, longevity, and overall aesthetics. If you are set on wrought iron fence or gate installation or just considering it, contact Sky Fence Company today and we will walk you through your options and a free estimate!

Why settle for less, when you can reach for the SKY! Sky Fence Company


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