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Cedar is by far, the best lumber for our Pacific Northwest climate. For privacy, quality, and design, cedar offers limitless customizability. From arbors, to trellis’, to gates, cedar is a sturdy, gorgeous option. Our post on pipe installation ensures longevity for your cedar fence.

Benefits of Cedar

  • Post on pipe installation for longevity
  • Durable, premium grade lumber
  • Naturally resistant to insects and bugs
  • Private, yet natural look
  • Easily customizable to your needs and vision

Why We Like Cedar Fences and Gates

Displays Unique Natural Beauty

One of the main reasons homeowners choose cedar is because of this wood’s natural beauty. The Western Red Cedar features a uniform grain that is rare in the wood world. This straight-grained lumber provides a high-end material for your fence. It looks stunning!


You decide the design of your cedar fence. Do you want total privacy? A full panel or modified panel design may be your best fit. Or do you prefer a more open picketed look? Horizontal slabs? Vertical? Do you want to keep people from looking in, but perhaps have a top slab to allow friendly squirrels to scamper across? The choices are yours and we can help you make them if you are unsure!

Requires No Maintenance

By choosing our post-on-pipe option your cedar fence is guaranteed to last. The pipe securely stabilizes the posts even in our inclement northwest conditions. We can even scout your yard for potential damaging elements such as sprinkler locations and piles of debri, to help ensure your fence’s longevity.


Cedar is known for its durability. Wester Red Cedar naturally consists of oils and preservatives that increase its resistance to rotting, to bugs, and, allows it to withstand inclement weather conditions. Cedar maintains its structural integrity for a long time – longer than pressure-treated wood. Cedar is naturally resistant to termites and, in fact, people use cedar wood chips to deter moths and other pests in their planting beds!

Cedar Weathers Well

Cedar, like any wood, deteriorates over time. However, the natural oils we mentioned have another benefit: they help cedar deteriorate more slowly. You can go years without having to replace your fence due to structural issues, which would be the case with cheaper material. What’s more, many homeowners prize the silvery appearance cedar takes on as it weathers and blends into your landscape.

Creativity, Innovation, Design, and Garden Embellishments

Cedar is your best option for creativity, innovation, and design as your imagination can be fulfilled though artistic wood working. Whether you create the design yourself or have questions about how to create your desired fence design, Sky Fence Company can make it come true. We will advise you of the best options for your needs and support your decisions. From basic, to picket, hog wire, horizontal, split rail, lattice top, and anything you can imagine, including gates, trellises, and arbors that can add flavor to your garden, Sky Fence Company is here for you.

We specialize in detail and design.  If you have some ideas floating around but are not sure how to make them come to life, call us today help you make them a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Fences

What is the advantage of a cedar fence?2023-06-24T13:23:48-07:00

There are five main advantages of having a cedar fence.

  1. Aesthetics:  There’s no question that a cedar fence is beautiful. Another advantage is that it’s easy to customize the look of a cedar fence.
  2. Cost:  While Western Red Cedar is somewhat more expensive than some other woods, the value you receive makes it worth the extra expense. Ultimately, wood is the least expensive material to use when building a fence, costing less than wrought iron, PVC, or composite fencing.
  3. Durability: When correctly treated, cedar fencing is designed to withstand the elements, including rain, wind, and snow. When you perform regular maintenance on your fence, you can expect it to last between 25–30 years.
  4. Property value: While a cedar fence provides your family with privacy, fencing also adds security to your home. You can make any number of upgrades to your home, but few will offer the value of a cedar fence.
  5. Maintenance: Cedar naturally withstands inclement weather, and it repels the majority of insects. Also, cedar doesn’t need to be pressure treated, so it requires much less maintenance than other types of wood.
What kind of cedar is best for fencing?2023-06-24T13:22:51-07:00

Western Red Cedar is the optimal type of cedar to use for fencing. The wood is light, which means that it is less stressful on the framework of the fence and the posts. Also, Western Red Cedar contains tannin oils that protect it from rotting, weathering, decaying, and being damaged by insects such as termites.

Some fence companies use Chinese cedar, but this wood is actually fir, not cedar. Another wood that’s sometimes used is Japanese cedar, but this wood is less sturdy and thinner than Western Red Cedar. Even worse, it has a tendency to break or split when it’s being installed.

What is the Best low-maintenance wood fence?2023-06-24T13:22:27-07:00

We recommend Western Red Cedar for fences because of the ease of maintenance. While all fences need some maintenance, Western Red Cedar is the best option for a wood fence. Western Red Cedar has oils that deter insects, and it also holds up well in bad weather conditions.

What is the lifespan of a wood fence?2023-06-24T13:21:21-07:00

The lifespan of your wood fence depends largely on the climate in which you live. For example, windy and wet climates are harder on a wooden fence than in more arid environments.

In the Pacific Northwest, a wood fence will last up to 20 years and longer. However, if you have your fence installed with post on pipe, you can enjoy your fence for between 25 and 30 years if it’s well-maintained.

Does cedar fence need to be sealed?2023-06-24T13:19:58-07:00

We recommend that you apply waterproofing sealer to your Western Red Cedar fence minimally every three years. This will keep the wood from cracking, splintering, and warping because of the weather.

To seal your fence, brush two thin coats onto the wood with a paintbrush. All the sealer to dry completely between coats.

What is the best wood for a fence?2022-11-27T03:37:47-08:00

Western Red Cedar is the best wood to use for your fence. This stable wood is durable and strong. Equally important, Western Red Cedar is less likely to warp or shrink after it’s installed. Western Red Cedar contains oils that help with resistance to rot and insects. This means your fence will last for years.

In terms of aesthetics, Western Red Cedar has rich reddish tones and an especially unique grain pattern. Also, the knots in Western Red Cedar are well-spaced. Western Red Cedar will accept a variety of different finishes, so you can get the look you want with customizations.

To ensure that your posts don’t rot in the ground, be sure to use posts that are pressure treated, along with backer rails and pickets made from Western Red Cedar.




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