There are five main advantages of having a cedar fence.

  1. Aesthetics:  There’s no question that a cedar fence is beautiful. Another advantage is that it’s easy to customize the look of a cedar fence.
  2. Cost:  While Western Red Cedar is somewhat more expensive than some other woods, the value you receive makes it worth the extra expense. Ultimately, wood is the least expensive material to use when building a fence, costing less than wrought iron, PVC, or composite fencing.
  3. Durability: When correctly treated, cedar fencing is designed to withstand the elements, including rain, wind, and snow. When you perform regular maintenance on your fence, you can expect it to last between 25–30 years.
  4. Property value: While a cedar fence provides your family with privacy, fencing also adds security to your home. You can make any number of upgrades to your home, but few will offer the value of a cedar fence.
  5. Maintenance: Cedar naturally withstands inclement weather, and it repels the majority of insects. Also, cedar doesn’t need to be pressure treated, so it requires much less maintenance than other types of wood.