How to Enhance the Life of Your Cedar Fence: Staining and Sealing Guide

When it comes to beautifying and preserving the life of your cedar fence, stain and seal are crucial factors to consider. In this guide, we'll delve into why you should always stain and seal your new cedar fence, when it's best to do it, and the appropriate process to follow for optimum results...

2024-06-13T18:22:14-07:00June 7, 2023|Cedar Fence, Maintenance, Seasonal Tips|

Revitalizing Your Fence After a Harsh Winter: A Comprehensive Guide

A harsh winter can take a toll on your fence, leaving it looking worn out and in dire need of a refresh. As the weather warms up and spring approaches, it's time to turn your attention to this often-neglected part of your property...

2023-07-29T14:50:28-07:00April 25, 2023|Cedar Fence, Maintenance, Seasonal Tips|
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