New Year’s is a time for reflection, and what better way to reflect on your home’s needs than by resolutions? If your fence is looking a little worse for wear, make these 10 New Year’s resolutions to get it back in shape in 2023. Trust us; your neighbors will thank you.

1. Resolve to get rid of that old, peeling paint. A fresh coat will do wonders for your fence’s curb appeal

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t give your fence a lot of thought – until it starts to look rather unsightly and in need of a facelift. That old, peeling paint is not a good look for any fence. The good news is that giving your fence a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for its curb appeal. A new, polished fence will make your home look more inviting and may just help it live up to the reputation of being one’s proudest asset! So why not shake off the dust and start freshening up that tired-looking fence? It may be just what you need to reinvigorate your home’s exterior.

Here are a few things to consider when painting your fence:

  • Cleaning: Make sure to thoroughly clean the fence prior to painting in order to ensure that the paint adheres properly.
  • Priming: Prime the fence with a quality primer before applying paint in order to ensure proper coverage and longevity.
  • Painting: Paint the fence with a brush, roller, or sprayer to ensure even coverage.

2. This is the year you finally replace those rotted boards. Don’t wait until they fall off on their own!

You’ve been staring at those fence boards for long enough – this is the year that you finally replace them! Sure, they might not look too bad from far away, but why wait for one to fall off onto an unsuspecting passerby? Take control of your curb appeal before your home turns into a scene out of a horror movie. Let’s start 2023 off with a burst of fence-fashion and kiss those rotted fence boards goodbye!

Factors to Consider When Choosing New Wood for Your Fence:

  • Durability and rot-resistance. Western Red Cedar is the recommended option for Pacific Northwest Homes
  • Cost and initial investment
  • Aesthetics and appearance
  • Ease of installation and maintenance requirements
  • Availability of replacement parts
  • Environmental impact of different types of wood products

3. Make a commitment to regularly clean your fence. A pressure washer will make short work of dirt and grime buildup

A fence doesn’t just serve to mark the boundary of your home, it can be an attractive part of your outdoor décor too. Having a fence that is in tip-top condition is therefore more important than you may think! Make sure to keep it in great shape by committing to regularly cleaning it – pressure washers help make short work of dirt and grime buildup. Cleaning your fence doesn’t have to be a chore; with the right tools and a bit of imagination, you can turn this task into a relaxed time with friends and family, or even solo enjoyment.

Tips for cleaning your fence with a pressure washer:

  • When using a pressure washer, make sure to point the nozzle away from your home, people, and pets.
  • Start with a low-pressure setting and work up as necessary for difficult stains.
  • Take precautions such as wearing protective gear and using an extension cord that is rated for outdoor use.

4. Are there gaps between your fence boards? Fill them in with wood filler or caulk to keep small critters from moving in

Don’t let your fence become the neighborhood hotspot for critter house parties! Uninvited guests may soon turn your home into their voting district. Don’t take a chance on hosting elections you didn’t agree to be a part of—fill in any gaps between fence boards with wood filler or caulk. You can keep small animals out and ensure your fence serves its true purpose rather than being a portal to an unauthorized new world order!

Applying the wood filler or caulk:

  • Take the time to properly prepare the surface by sanding down any rough edges and cleaning off any dirt and debris.
  • Select a quality caulk or wood filler that is designed to resist moisture and temperature changes.
  • Be sure to apply the caulk or wood filler evenly and use a putty knife to smooth it out if necessary.

5. New year, new hardware! Replace rusty nails and screws with fresh ones, and add decorative touches like plant hangers or lanterns

Step into the new year with a brand-new fence makeover! Out with rusty nails and screws, in with a fresh set of hardware that can bring your fence to life. Give it an added touch by adding decorative elements like beautiful plant hangers or rustic lanterns – you’ll be surprised at the difference such simple accessories can make to your home’s exterior. Now’s the time to make 2020 a year for fence renewal because, let’s face it, anything’s better than rusty nails and screws!

Decorative tops

Decorative tops can range from simple post caps with intricate designs to vintage ornaments that add an air of elegance to the space. Not only will these additions give your fence an eye-catching look, they can also help protect it from harsh weather conditions. Some options to consider:

  • Wooden post caps with intricate designs
  • Decorative iron railings
  • Vintage ornaments and finials
  • Lattice panels for privacy and protection from wind

6. Install solar lights along your fence line for a bit of extra illumination at night

Looking for a bit of extra light, but don’t want to blow your electricity budget? Consider setting up solar lights along your fence line – it could be a bright idea! With just a few simple steps, you can transform the look of your outdoor space. After all, what’s better than some extra illumination for evening gatherings with friends and family who will be absolutely astounded by your newfound wizardry. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that the energy-efficient lights won’t hurt your wallet. So why not give solar lights a shot and enjoy their warm glow night after night?

Elegant Seattle home trellis7. For privacy, install lattice panels on top of your existing fence or build taller sections in certain areas

If you want to keep your barbecues and pool parties private, investing in lattice panels is a great way to upgrade your fence for maximum privacy. Not only do the panels look great, but you also have the option of building taller sections in particular areas if you need extra protection from prying eyes. Just make sure any climbers in the family can’t scale them!

8. Add an arbor or trellis to one section of your fence for a more dramatic look

Give your fence a makeover that will have even the birds singing! Adding an arbor or trellis to one section of your fence will bring added visual interest and charm to any garden by introducing contrast and providing a place for wonderful climbing vines and flowers. It’s an instant upgrade from just any old fence, creating a distinctly dramatic look that’ll cause neighbors to crane their necks in admiration. So don’t delay, get out there and start designing your stunning outdoor masterpiece today!

9. Plant climbing vines along the sides of your fence for increased greenery and beauty

Planting climbing vines along the sides of your fence can be an excellent way to add greenery and beauty to your yard. Climbing vines are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, from adding extra privacy to blocking out wind and sun. Plus, they are easy to maintain and require little care or attention once they have been planted.

Tips for planting climbing plants:

  • Select a variety of climbing vine that is best suited to the local climate and soil conditions.
  • Plant the vines at least three feet apart for optimal growth and coverage.
  • Provide support for the vines, such as arbors, trellises, or other structures, so they can climb properly up your fence.
  • Prune and trim any dead or overgrown branches regularly throughout the growing season to keep them healthy and under control.
  • Tie loosely around any supports with soft material like jute twine to help train new shoots upwards instead of outward away from your fence line.
  • Water regularly during dry spells to ensure adequate moisture levels are maintained by the plants.
  • Add a layer of mulch along the base of the climber’s roots to help retain soil moisture.
  • Fertilize once or twice during the summer months with a balanced fertilizer (10-10-10).
  • Weed frequently around climber’s base as weeds will compete for nutrients, water & light needed by vines.
  • Use shade cloth if there is too much sunlight exposure on the sides where you have planted climbers.

decorative gate with lazar etching artwork10. Incorporate art pieces into your design for a unique look that will stand out in the neighborhood

Incorporating art pieces into your fence design can be a great way to add a unique look that will make your yard stand out in 2023. Not only will it help you make a statement, but it can also help improve the overall aesthetic of your property by adding dimension and vibrancy to the landscape.

Tips for incorporating art pieces into your fence design for a unique look:

  • Select art pieces that complement the style of your home and fence design.
  • Choose art pieces that are made from weather-resistant materials.
  • Try using outdoor murals, sculptures, wind chimes, or other 3D objects for a unique look.
  • Incorporate patterned laser-cut steel panels into your fence design for an eye-catching focal point in your yard or garden space.
  • Hang mirrors on a post near the gate entrance as it will make the pathway appear larger than it actually is, which can be very useful if you have a small courtyard or backyard area.
  • Utilize bright colors such as yellows, oranges & pinks to make fences more inviting & visible.
  • Introduce wire mesh frames filled with colored stones and/or pebbles around where trees are planted near wood fencing perimeter lines.
  • Combine different types of lighting fixtures ie. wall mount, ground mounted & hanging fixtures to create an ambiance that can be enjoyed during evening hours.

Here’s to making your fence the best it can be in 2023! Sky Fence Company is always here to help with any repairs or replacements you may need. Give us a call and let us help you love your fence again.