Washington State: Commonly Asked Questions About Sharing a Fence With Your Neighbors

Sharing a fence with your neighbors can come with many benefits-including convenience, privacy and security, but it can also be complicated if you don’t know how to go about discussing the matter with them. Here are a few of the commonly asked questions people have about sharing a fence with their neighbor:

2024-06-28T01:31:56-07:00March 12, 2024|FAQs, Fence Laws, Pets, Privacy Fence, Security, Wrought Iron Fence|

11 Common Mistakes Neighbors Make When Sharing Fences in Washington State

Introduction Washington State Fencing Essentials: Guidance from Seattle-based Specialists [...]

2024-06-13T21:15:46-07:00August 7, 2023|Common Mistakes, FAQs, Fence Laws, Maintenance, Privacy Fence, Tips|
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